You’ve finally found us!  We’ve been waiting for you to finally arrive here at Fresh Rebellion headquarters.  What are we rebelling against, you ask?

We rebel against anything that’s not “fresh”.  Fresh matters.  Your life should feel fresh and energizing. If it is not, we want to inspire you to live differently.  Our cultural norm has us sitting for hours at our desks, on our couches, in our cars. Team Fresh has always rebelled against these norms, and we work to get folks out exploring our world, and having fun together. We promote unique, fun and fresh experiences.

We have a team of affiliates and brand partners who have joined us in this quest.  We are proud to announce that in 2022, we have partnered with Barcelona-based Mooveteam to provide a variety of US experiences in tourism, team-building and fundraising.  We invite you to inquire, to find out how you may participate:

  • as a tourist, you can use one of our self-guided tour experiences to explore and learn about an area (visit FreshMaps page)
  • as an event planner, you can hire us to create a unique experience for your guests, with our customized or off-the shelf games – think: scavenger hunts, trivia challenges and more

  • for team-building, use our customized or off-the-shelf mobile competitions to bring people together, working as a team to compete for bragging rights or prizes 

  • as a fundraiser, you can use our GPS-enabled game experiences or tours to create a unique event to remember

  • for tourism businesses, partner with us to get more traffic into your place of business, providing our participants with discounts or incentives to stop and spend along their way. 

Have a click around the website, or contact us to let us know your interests.  Thanks for stopping by!