You’ve finally found us!  We’ve been waiting for you to finally arrive here at rebel headquarters.  The Fresh Rebellion is real. We promote the role that fresh food plays in living a vibrant, healthy, joyful life.  We are a marketing firm that shares products, services and experiences that enhance our health and quality of life. Please explore our blog and shopping page, and check back for upcoming events.

March: Social Media and Email workshops w/ So R.I. Chamber
 Looking forward to resuming our AirBnB experiences in April
August 14-15: The Marketing Camp, West Greenwich, RI
We LOVE food. We love our families and friends. We want only the BEST for them.  We love sharing stories, recipes, meals and good times with each other.   We have fun because life is short.  (Or, maybe it doesn’t have to be… )
  • you savor the flavor of fresh, local food
  • you are a sponge for knowledge about where our food comes from
  • you seek cooking skills and inspiration
  • you aren’t afraid to try new things
  • you aren’t afraid to speak up when you feel something isn’t right.
  • you ask really good questions
Subscribe, contribute, ask questions, share ideas and resources.  True rebels don’t hold back. We join forces with like-minded tribes.  We are with the Million Moms Movement – and don’t think for a second we aren’t going to change the world for the better.  It’s our purpose and our passion, and together, we’re on a mission.