2019 Java Fitness Challenge

We are happy to partner with Java SkinCare and JTab Training to offer a fitness challenge in January 2019! 

Re-FRESH your healthy habits, in community withMichelle & Lori from the Fresh Rebellion, Stephanie and Emily from Java Skincare, and Joey, Matt, Steve and Bonita at JTab Training in East Greenwich, RI.

Join us for a kickoff event on Saturday, January 5th, to sample our bootcamps, happy healthy superfood tasting and product demos.

Our group fitness programs at JTab will get you moving and having fun. Designed to be adaptable to all fitness levels, bring a friend, and be ready to stretch, lift, jump and laugh.  (We do have a lot of fun in these sessions. Watch a video!)

Group Fitness Classes, $10 drop-in

  • Early Bird Saturdays, 7-8am and 8-9 am with Matt Prez
  • Sleep-in Saturdays, 2-3pm with Joey
  • Resilience Training, 7-8pm with Steve
  • Yoga Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30 with Bonita

Team Fresh Rebellion has also scheduled a series of outdoor hiking meetups.  Get your boots, hats, mittens, dogs, friends, family and meet us on the trail.  (details to come…)

Did you ever wish you could hit the “reset” button on your food choices?  Take part in this nutrition challenge, and you will be fully supported on a daily basis, as you take stock of your food habits, complete a healthy detox program, or simply add more nutritious food to your existing intake.  We will use a food tracking app (or journal) and incorporate a meal plan during your 10-day, 30-day or the “Ultimate 40 day Nutrition” program.  We all know that nutrition and exercise is the most effective way to reach your health goals.   At our event on January 5th, we will determine your goals and create a program that is right for you. Watch the video.

Healthy on the inside and out
The Java Skincare product line is designed to support your body’s largest organ – your skin!  Anti-oxidant rich bath and beauty products are super-moisturizing, to keep your skin from drying out this winter.  Sample soaps, scrubs and lip products at our event on January 5th.

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