2019 Resolutions: Eat Organic Food, No Matter What

Today, my mother and my daughter were teasing me about not wanting to take home a package of flavored tea, because it wasn’t organic.  It was not the first time I got the eyeroll when I read a label and declined to eat something.  It was bothering me all night, and rather than staying annoyed, I decided to email and blog this.

“…I decided to send you a link to a book I read this summer which changed my view on our food supply forever.
It’s called “The Toxin that Came to Dinner”, written by the founder of Purium, David Sandoval.
I hope you’ll read it.
You know that I have watched my best friend’s quality of life deteriorate over the last 20 years, due to 3 bouts with cancer, and all the radiation treatment she endured to finally cure it. It’s hard to watch.  I can sit by and feel helpless, or I can do anything possible – little things, like choose organic products, and big things, like choosing a career promoting organic foods – so that I might help people to not experience what Kris has experienced.  I am not writing to make you feel bad.  Just the opposite.
You can make your own choices.  I just want you to be informed.
In the 1990s, Kris had non-Hodgkins lymphona.    I came across an article last month which read:
“Celiac disease patients also have a known increased risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which has also been implicated in glyphosate exposure. The incidence of non-Hodgkins lymphoma has increased rapidly in most Western countries over the last few decades. Statistics from the American Cancer Society show an 80% increase since the early 1970’s, when glyphosate was first introduced on the market.”
Glyphosate is the weed killer sprayed on all genetically modified food that is not organic.  Corn – like in Cheetos, wheat – like in pizza dough, bread, cookies –  foods we eat all he time have this ingredient in it.  I believe this is the cause of the drastic increase in cancers, celiac disease, peanut allergies.  Our bodies can’t take it, and even through we may not have an allergy, and don’t feel bad now, our gut health is being eroded, and we’ll pay for it someday.
OR, we can choose now to eat better quality food. It’s that simple.  You can call me weird, I don’t care.  I choose organic, and I wish you would, too.”
I have made a few New Year’s Resolutions for 2019, and I just added a new one: a resolve to eat organic food, no matter what people think!   Organic food should not be considered a luxury for the elite – fresh, local food is available, many times delivered to your door.  There are companies like Purium which work SO hard to triple-test food for contaminants, and innovate distribution of organic foods so that people get the highest levels of nutrition possible.   That’s what the Fresh Rebellion is about, and I resolve to fight this fight, every day, helping at least ONE person, every day to make bold steps towards a better self.
It’s the least I can do, and also the best I can do.