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November 2022

  • Celebrating 21 Years of Entrepreneurship

    Today, I celebrate 21 years of celebrating National #EntrepreneursDay 🤯 

    21 years ago, I sat on my couch, 6 months pregnant with a head full of dreams and a notebook of ideas. 💡 

    21 years ago, the market crashed after planes crashed out of the sky during terrorist acts on 9/11. By November, I had lost my job, was […]

  • PODCAST: Fresh Autumn Musings

    Episode 5

    “Meditation was really challenging for me. I was a nonstop, high energy, high achieving, always busy. Meditation was the opposite of all that, in my opinion. And I would attempt it and be annoyed with the distractions at first or I would just completely fall asleep.”
    Michelle Girasole

    Getting F.R.E.S.H.: Autumn Musings If you’re looking for […]