5 Things to Know About Forest Bathing

#1. It does not mean what you think it means.

Forest bathing is not the practice of shedding one’s clothes in public and plunging into a body of water in the woods. Because that’s what I thought it was at first, too.

I read an article in a publication I picked up in Nashville and the headline caught my eye, for sure. It turns out, ‘forest bathing’ means spending quiet time in nature.

#2. Forest bathing is trending right now.

This spring was the first time I had heard the phrase and I liked the concept. It turns out it is not new, that global studies had been done on the subject, and that many people I talked to had also heard of this. It keeps coming up!

#3. There are many health benefits to forest bathing.

Check out this podcast:

Forest Bathing Podcast

4. Enjoy a lesson in forest bathing and a meditation from Calm app, whether you are inside or out. Link

5. You do not need experience or special equipment to do this. Just trees and some quiet contemplation. Try it!