We're a community of rebels.


The Fresh Rebellion promotes fresh brand experiences in the food/beverage and healthy living industries.  We have a team of affiliates and brand partners who have joined us in the “quest for betterment” battle. We rebel against conventional, stale, boring, overdone and unhealthy.  We revel in F.R.E.S.H.: Food, Resources, Experiences, Sponsors and Happiness.

We call ourselves “rebels” because we resist those brands that limit our growth, in several categories.

FOOD: We’ve had enough with spiraling obesity, diabetes, cancer, autism and other out-of-control diseases, due in part to the processed food we eat. We realize that consumers make choices everyday, and we work with high quality brands to promote and educate consumers to know where their food comes from, how to cook/eat healthy and the effects it has on our bodies, minds and spirits.

RESOURCES: We direct fellow rebels, using online and offline methods of promotion, to people, places and things that we have found useful in our own quests for betterment. Websites, podcasts, products and services that we know, like and trust, delivered to our community via blog, email, video, social media and events.

EXPERIENCES:  If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, and it has become our battle cry, “Get away from your screens and go experience the world!”  If you need a Digital Detox, we’ll give you some fresh ideas on how to spend your offline time.

SPONSORS: We could not do this without these amazing companies, who not only help us pay our bills, but deliver a piece of the “Fresh Puzzle”. They help us live our best life, so we share them in hopes that they help you as well.

HAPPY ENDINGS:  We close each week with a happy ending – a story, a photo, a video, a song.  That which makes us happy, and we hope you can take it in and feel our joy.

Nevertheless, they persisted...

Meet The Team


Rebel Commander: Michelle Girasole

In 2021, Michelle celebrates her 50th journey around the sun, and she has finally achieved the work/life balance she once dreamed of. Over the course of the last five decades, she has learned how to:
1970s – play like a child,
1980s – rebel like a teenager,
1990s – dream, study and succeed in college, grad school and corporate life,
2000s – navigate the waters of marriage, parenting, and entrepreneurship
2010s – rock the start-up business world
2020s – blend it all together to enjoy “the good life”, always learning and exploring people, places, and “all things fresh” –  especially food, her passion.

Once part of British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Michelle can’t unlearn what she knows about the food America has “innovated”.  She is currently working with pioneers in the pure, organic food and local, fresh food markets.  As her family grows, she fights the battle of sweets and snacks encroaching on her kids’ palettes, always encouraging strong roots for a better food source for all.

In her free time, Michelle and her tribe of rebels, along with #ScooterG, her trusty terrier, embrace the Digital Detox in nature – at the beach, in the woods and on the mountains.  In 2019, she and her husband Rich took up climbing to mountain summits, and are currently collecting 4,000 foot peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

Life is beautiful. Go get it! 

Michelle Girasole, Rebel Commander