We're a community of rebels.


The Fresh Rebellion team promotes unique, fun and fresh experiences.  Our cultural norm has us sitting for hours at our desks, on our couches, in our cars.  We “rebel” against these norms, and work to get folks out exploring our world, and having fun together. 

We have a team of affiliates and brand partners who have joined us in this quest.  We are proud to announce that in 2022, we have partnered with Barcelona-based Mooveteam to provide a variety of US experiences in tourism, team-building and fundraising.  We invite you to inquire, to find out how you may participate:

Have a click around the website, or contact us to let us know your interests.  Thanks for stopping by!

About Michelle Girasole, Founder & Rebel Commander

During the pandemic, Michelle celebrated her 50th journey around the sun, and she has finally achieved the work/life balance she once dreamed of. Over the course of the last five decades, she has learned how to:

Once part of British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Michelle can’t unlearn what she knows about the food America has “innovated”.  She connected with pioneers in the pure, organic food and local, fresh food industry.  As her family grew, she fought the battles of the processed food and snacks that encroached her kids’ palettes. At the same time, smartphones entered the market and she was always resisting her family’s overuse of “the screens”.  She heard a colleague describe his vacation as a “digital detox”, and fell in love with the phrase.  She has incorporated this counter-culture belief system into her work life, creating a company that gets people off the couch and away from their desks to explore the richness of life’s many offerings. 

In her free time, Michelle and her tribe of rebels, along with #ScooterG, her trusty terrier mix, embrace the “digital detox” in nature – at the beach, in the woods and on the mountains. She has a bucket list that stretches around the globe.  In 2019, she and her husband Rich took up climbing to mountain summits, and are currently collecting 4,000 foot peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. (She admits, her favorite part of those climbs are the big dinner afterwards, second only to lunch on the summit, but will tell you the view is always worth the climb!) Join Michelle in being a rebel against the “standard American diet” and “work-retire-die” lifestyle. She truly believes:

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Go get it! 

Michelle Girasole, Founder & Rebel Commander