We're a team of food rebels.


The Fresh Rebellion is an events, promotion and advertising firm, specializing in brand experiences in the food/beverage and healthy living industries.  We have a team of affiliates and brand partners who have joined us in the “better food for a better life” battle.

We call ourselves “rebels” because we resist those brands that make us sick.  We’ve had enough with spiraling obesity, diabetes, cancer, autism and other out-of-control diseases, due in part to the processed food we eat.  We realize that consumers make choices everyday, and we work with high quality brands to promote and educate consumers to know where their food comes from, how to cook/eat healthy and the effects it has on our bodies, minds and spirits.

We provide strategy, campaign design and execution, using online and offline methods of promotion and advertising, in order to reach new customers, generate new leads and assist customer in making purchase decisions for our client brands.

Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, they realized that there was a niche for quality organic produce grown the way that nature intended for it to be-organically.

Meet The Team


Rebel Commander: Michelle Girasole

Once part of the Food Revolution, Michelle can’t unlearn what she knows about the food America has “innovated”.  She is currently working with pioneers in the pure, organic food and local, fresh food markets.  As her family grows, she fights the battle of sweets and snacks encroaching on her kids’ palettes, always encouraging strong roots for a better food source for all.