Michelle Girasole

  • Podcast: Introducing Fresh Maps!

    “Now, the ironic thing is that I’m using technology to get us away from technology.”

    Introducing FreshMaps!

    In today’s episode, Michelle introduces her new exploration, FreshMaps. She speaks on how she is “using technology to get us away from technology” because the in-real-life game is played using a mobile app. The scavenger hunt game is used […]

  • Business Networking at North Koffee

    North Kingstown, RI On March 7th, 2023 at North Koffee; together with Trust Networking, we hosted an event where business professionals came together to learn about the launch of our new FreshMaps scavenger hunt series. We spent the first hour of our event networking with one another and sharing things about one another’s businesses. We […]

  • Fresh.Maps now on Instagram!


    March 1, 2023


      Michelle Girasole

      michelle.girasole _ @ _ gmail.com

    (401) 578-3498FRESH MAPS Announces Social Media Presence for New Game Release

    [Rhode Island]- Fresh Maps will present a new scavenger hunt game powered by the MooveGo app, featuring trivia questions, food stops, and tourist stops.

    Fresh Maps Instagram account was made to […]

  • Podcast: Get F.R.E.S.H. with Suzanne Baker

    Today’s guest is Suzanne Baker

    “We live in a big world with all kinds of new discoveries around the corner – take the time to explore and create memories that will last a lifetime!” – Suzanne Baker

    In today’s episode, Michelle welcomes with her Aunt Sue to chat about her cross-country trip, hiking adventures, food experience in […]

  • Celebrating Black History Month

    We are proud to announce a new Story Map experience in the village of Wickford, North Kingstown. It was a collaboration with the nonprofit advocacy group, Towards An Anti-Racist North Kingstown (TANK), and historian Tim Cranston, author of the book, “We Were Here, Too: Selected Stories of Black History in North Kingstown”, available online and […]

  • Podcast: Get F.R.E.S.H. with Dave Englund

    Episode 8

    Today’s guest is Dave Englund

    In today’s episode, I invited creative designer, singer/songwriter Dave Englund, of the Americana band, “In Lieu of Flowers”, Englund Studio and The Marketing Camp. We discuss: F-Food, tapioca pudding and Thanksgiving pizza; R-Recreation – fires on the beach; E-Experiences – launching a new band, S-Sponsor – The Greenwich Odeum and […]

  • Podcast: 2022 Reflections

    Episode 7

    Reflections on 2022

    In today’s episode, I reflect back on the way that a journaling exercise I did in January really shaped the experiences I had in 2022.  Listen in and reflect on your year!

    Key points include:

    How to use journaling to shape your best year yet.

    Creative ways to give back to your community.

    Discover a new […]

  • Podcast: Get F.R.E.S.H. with Marita Fairfield

    Episode 6

    Today’s episode explores friendship and one in particular that I have enjoyed through the years, Marita Fairfield. Professionally, Marita is a digital literacy pioneer, who has helped so many in the state of Maine to learn internet technology for business and personal interests. 

    We recently spent a fun weekend in New Hampshire together, where […]

  • Celebrating 21 Years of Entrepreneurship

    Today, I celebrate 21 years of celebrating National #EntrepreneursDay 🤯 

    21 years ago, I sat on my couch, 6 months pregnant with a head full of dreams and a notebook of ideas. 💡 

    21 years ago, the market crashed after planes crashed out of the sky during terrorist acts on 9/11. By November, I had lost my job, was […]

  • PODCAST: Fresh Autumn Musings

    Episode 5

    “Meditation was really challenging for me. I was a nonstop, high energy, high achieving, always busy. Meditation was the opposite of all that, in my opinion. And I would attempt it and be annoyed with the distractions at first or I would just completely fall asleep.”
    Michelle Girasole

    Getting F.R.E.S.H.: Autumn Musings If you’re looking for […]