Michelle Girasole

  • Wickford Eats…Cookies!

    written by Michelle Girasole for the neighborhood publication, “The Wickford Way”

    My mother-in-law, Paula, has a magical super power.  She can turn ordinary butter into dozens and dozens of delicious, crisp Christmas cookies.  She shape-shifts mountains of dough into plattered domes of confectionary goodness.  Her cookie trays each December are one of our treasured holiday traditions.  […]

  • Wickford Eats… Friendsgiving

    written by Michelle Girasole, for the neighborhood publication, The Wickford Way

    Last year, I hosted my very first “Friendsgiving Dinner”, and it won’t be the last.  Now, before you launch into a rant about faux-holidays, hear me out!

    Anyone who has ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner might agree that it’s somewhat intimidating.  Hours of prepping, peeling, chopping, cooking […]

  • Wickford Eats: Take out edition

    Michelle Girasole was asked to write the food column for her local magazine, The Wickford Way. In this issue, she covers the take-out scene that became necessity during the pandemic restaurant shutdown. Find out her neighbor’s favorite spots and how she and Rich celebrated their 2020 anniversary!

    Wickford Eats: October issue “Roll With It, […]

  • Linking Autism and… Farming Practices?

    by FreshRebellion.com guest blogger, Fiona Hanley, URI Communications student

    The phrase “ignorance is bliss” may be true in situations where you “forget” to check how many calories are in the piece of cake you had for dessert one night, however many people would agree that the phrase does not apply when it comes to checking the […]

  • How to Win the Fight for Whole Food Nutrition

    (Repurposed from Purium Blog) ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Feeding a family fresh, healthy meals seems easier somehow in the summer.  Early drop-off times, piano lessons, homework, soccer practice and hours of carpool are back in full swing and healthy eating becomes a little trickier.

    But let’s face it, a busy schedule isn’t the only reason why it is difficult to […]

  • Announcing our 2019 Hike Rhode Island Series

    Join us for a series of hikes scheduled for the last Sunday of each month!Get outside with a short winter woodlands hike at Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge.  Last year, we found a book on our shelf titled, “Weekend Walks in Rhode Island”, and decided to hike 12 of the 40 hikes in 2019, every last Sunday of […]