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  • VIDEO: Fresh Rebellion 2018 Road Trip 1 – Michelle leaves Rhode Island

    Find out why Michelle Girasole is driving from Rhode Island to Nashville, then flying to Los Angeles, CA.  No, she is not crazy, and yes, it is a business trip!!


    D1v1. Today’s the BIG day! The Fresh Rebellion leaves RI en route to CA, on a mission…. and we are taking you with us!!! #roadtrip #highqualityfood #organiceating #10aytransformation #adventure #freshrebellion #michellegirasole

    Posted by FRESH from RI on Monday, July 30, 2018


  • Football Food! Healthy Game-Day Appetizers

    Are you ready for some football food?  That is my favorite part of the game (besides watching Tom Brady and the boys march down the field, of course).  Whether you’re tailgating it or watching from home with friends, snack food has always been a part of the football experience.  Here are some ways to freshen […]

  • Creative Cooking: Do-It-Yourself Kabobs

    Dealing with fussy eaters?  Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour prepping dinner and hearing groans at the dinner table.  One thing that helps avoid this is to give your picky eaters some choices.  Set up a “kabob bar”, with meat and veggie options, and let everybody skewer up what they like!

    Our friends at […]

  • VIDEO: What the hell is a GMO and why should I care?

    Michelle breaks down 4-5 years of research into 15 minutes of knowledge on food, innovation and GMOs.

    VIDEO: What the hell is a GMO and why should I care?

    Posted by Michelle Cournoyer Girasole on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Recipes: Big Summer Salad

    Growing up, our family ate traditional 1980s garden salads, consisting of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato and red onion.  Every.  Single.  Night.  There are so many fresh ingredients to love and salads can be an adventure!  Here are a few to get you on your way, starting with baby spinach…  GET RECIPES


  • What’s a Fresh Rebel, anyway?

    Fresh Rebellion.  What’s that all about? How did we become “Fresh Rebels”?  It happened slowly, over time.

    We used to eat food unconsciously, until we started noticing all those peanut allergies.  We asked questions.  LOTS of questions and learned a TON about food:

    where it comes from (beyond the grocery store)
    how to cook fresh, local […]