Business Networking at North Koffee

North Kingstown, RI
On March 7th, 2023 at North Koffee; together with Trust Networking, we hosted an event where business professionals came together to learn about the launch of our new FreshMaps scavenger hunt series. We spent the first hour of our event networking with one another and sharing things about one another’s businesses. We then moved on to demonstrating our game and what each color pin means; whether it’s a scenic spot, nature, historic, for kids, art & culture, food & drinks, and for dogs. We then gave everyone the opportunity to try the game out that involved puzzles, trivia, and matching games! Everyone was very focused on the game and very intrigued with the questions that they were getting asked. The event, hosted with coffees and hot chocolates from North Koffee, was overall a success! Our new rack cards were distributed and made available for sharing to promote the game.