Football Food! Healthy Game-Day Appetizers

Are you ready for some football food?  That is my favorite part of the game (besides watching Tom Brady and the boys march down the field, of course).  Whether you’re tailgating it or watching from home with friends, snack food has always been a part of the football experience.  Here are some ways to freshen up your offering for your health-conscious fans!

I made these Rosemary Chicken Wings for the Patriots game and the meat literally fell off the bone.  Great flavor and none of that gooey, syrupy buffalo sauce.  (We’ll just leave that for the Buffalo fans.)   This Veggie Platter and Dips keeps us crunching instead of potato chips.  And, Cacoila is a Portugese pork dish that my friend Deb made at the A.B. Munroe Dairy summer barbeque, something different from the BBQ pulled pork, so much flavor and a great cut of meat in the lean pork chops.