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March 1, 2023


  Michelle Girasole

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FRESH MAPS Announces Social Media Presence for New Game Release

[Rhode Island]- Fresh Maps will present a new scavenger hunt game powered by the MooveGo app, featuring trivia questions, food stops, and tourist stops.

Fresh Maps Instagram account was made to get the story out in a visual way about Southern Rhode Island and the benefits of the game. Customers that take part in the game will be able to send in photos that were taken while playing the game. Players will enjoy seeing their photos posted onto our page tagging the places that we love and growing our awareness of the places around us. 

Fresh Maps social media presence was created to show that this is connected to a sense of fun, adventure, and exploration. URI Intern Camille Persechino states that, “we are building a community of people who love to get out and explore, reminding locals, and informing tourists that Rhode Island has so much to offer. Getting outside while learning, experiencing, and having fun is beneficial for both your mental and physical health!”

Learn more at fresh.maps on instagram or at freshmaps.us