On Gluten-Sensitivity, Glyphosate and Getting Better

What do you see in this picture? 🥺

People in HAZ MAT suits… spraying TOXINS onto our FOOD!!!!😠😡😤 (Why doesn’t this bother anyone?!?) If you are eating gluten-free, you need to read this. 🤨

This article explains why people have to buy gluten-free everything. Why bread, pasta, cookies or pizza crust makes people sick. This photo is why. It is the GLYPHOSATE on the wheat, not just the gluten itself, guys. 🙄

My company innovated a product to clear this toxin out of our gut, repair the damage done in the past and help us get healthier. 🤓 #questforbetterment

I have been taking this daily supplement to clear out glyphosate from my system for over a year. I have had tons of energy, better skin, no bronchitis last winter, and noticably less bloating and aches – especially in my joints. 😎

My system is not going haywire from the inflammation caused by the glyphosate in food and my gut is absorbing more of the good nutrients that I am eating. 🌱🥒🍃🥦🥬

Here’s the kicker. 👀 It’s not prescribed by a doctor, so you probably don’t trust it. 😫 Am I right? I’ve heard it before.

Ask a person with celiac disease or lyme disease what Rx solutions their doctor has prescribed to help them heal. There is no Rx. They have to restrict their diet. But that doesn’t clean the toxin out or restore their gut health. 🤨 This does. 😁

It costs $1.50 a serving, and will dramatically improve your quality of life. Money back guarantee, and my word. 💰A friend of mine just told me she had a photo of the inside of her gluten-sensitive gut, and the little finger-like villi were curled like shrimp, so damaged from the glyphosate. They are supposed to process the nutrients clear out the toxins and they are not functioning properly. Our Biomedic gave her new hope that her symptoms of pain and low energy will improve.

If you know someone suffering from food allergies, please give them this link and have them reach out to me.

IShopPurium.com > Search “Biomedic”

Use code “freshlocal” to save $50 off your first order of $75

My JOB is to help people and I don’t get paid unless I make a positive difference for them. It’s the most rewarding business I have ever been a part of! 💚😊💚

Editors Note:  After posting this to my Facebook wall, I had a friend call “bullshit”.  He said, “They don’t spray weed killer ON the crops, Michelle – this is talking about people with exposure to the weed killer.” 

I love a good challenge.

I responded with facts – this link, actually, from researchers at MIT and Round Up Ready crops: http://web.mit.edu/demoscience/Monsanto/about.html  The fact is, YES, THEY ARE spraying weed killer ON OUR FOOD CROPS.   I understand that it is incomprehensible to think that this is happening, and so few of us stop to connect the dots on what is going on, long term.  I’d love your thoughts and questions, below…

Please CONTACT ME to request a digital copy of the book, The Toxin that Came to Dinner, which highlights research and resources for those suffering from gluten-sensitivities.