If you’re shopping for the purest, most premium super foods available for you and your family, you’ll be glad you found Purium.  25 years of organic fruits and veggies, delivered direct.  

Whether your goals are losing weight, sleeping better, reducing stress, fueling athletic performance or improving nutrition, these products are guaranteed to be triple-tested for contaminants, to ensure that what you put in your body is PURE + PREMIUM = PURIUM!

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Our Faves:

I have avoided addictive prescriptions with these all-natural sprays for – for pain medication, anti-anxiety, energy/caffeine, and appetite control.


Don’t you think a deep sleep is pure heaven?!  Apothe-Cherry is made from sour/tart cherries and gives us a boost of natural melatonin, which helps balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep and supports healthy joints!  VIDEO





My go-to pre-workout drink, my healthy Gatorade alternative… tastes like fruit juice, not beets, or mushrooms, either – but they’re in there!  Chock full of 20+ organic fruits and veggies, great for energy and libido, folks.  Just sayin!  VIDEO