PODCAST: Fresh Autumn Musings

Episode 5

“Meditation was really challenging for me. I was a nonstop, high energy, high achieving, always busy. Meditation was the opposite of all that, in my opinion. And I would attempt it and be annoyed with the distractions at first or eventually I learned, like when I did.”

Getting F.R.E.S.H
If you’re looking for fresh ideas for living your best life, connecting with others about things that bring you joy, and learning more about digital marketing, then this episode is for you.

Today, we’re talking about fall things. Key points include:
1. Food – a secret Applesauce ingredient tip
2. Recreation – the Calm App, 7 Days of Gratitude
3. Experience – a D.C.-bound military “flight of honor” for veterans
4. Sponsor – TheMarketingCamp.com and the RI history of Fruit of the Loom factory complex
5. Happiness – Scooter “gotcha Day” – the annual “super dog adoption day” event in Rhode Island

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