Podcast with AirBnB co-founder, and RISD grad, Brian Chesky

I often listen to podcasts when I am taking Scooter on a long walk. Today, I was researching “AirBnB experiences” (as I am creating a new one for Fresh fans – stay tuned) and found this podcast from December, 2021. Listen as the delightful host of The Travel Diaries podcast, Holly Rubenstein interviews Rhode Island School of Design graduate Brian Chesky on his childhood travel memories, stories of founding AirBnB, and where he sees travel going in the future. I love those Rhode Island connections!


“The power of travel is not about the place. The power of travel is about the people.”

Brian Chesky, co-founder, AirBnb

So true! While I love the exploration of new places during my past travel experiences, it is the new people I met who made those places magical – the locals who guided us to the best places that stand out in my mind.

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Brian Chesky, CEO of AirBnB

I ended up getting a scholarship to Rhode Island School of Design… and I get to RISD and I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to be an artist, I was almost born 100 years too late. I got into the industrial design department, a highly technical field. I met my co-founder, Joe Gebbia. He was really the visionary of us getting together and starting a company.