Purium fundraiser for NKHS Boys Soccer

Local Fresh-Rebellion Sponsored Internship 

By Joshua Pensalfini

My name is Joshua Pensalfini, and I am a 18-year old student at North Kingstown High School enrolled in the Academy of Business and Finance program offered at the school. I recently completed a marketing internship with the help of Fresh Rebellion’s founder, Michelle Girasole. I started this internship in order to complete a set amount of internship hours needed in the requirements of the Academy of Business and Finance at North Kingstown; as well as the personal goal of gaining more knowledge about the marketing field to decide if it was a field I wanted to pursue as a major in university. 

 After discussing plans of how an internship could be structured, Mrs. Girasole and I came up with a goal to run a fundraiser for the North Kingstown High School Boys Soccer Team by selling nutrition based products from the company Purium. Purium provided healthy and performance-aiding nutrition that myself and teammates could use in order to supplement our bodies in the rigorous training and match schedule we had for the current season. We would be raising funds primarily through Purium’s partnership program, in which 10% of a product’s net total would be returned when it is purchased with an affiliate link Mrs. Girasole had access to. With a plan in motion, my first step was to find out how much my teammates knew about nutrition in order to gauge their understanding of the benefits of Purium and find out a little bit about their current nutrition habits. To do this, I set up a Google Survey composed of questions about general nutrition such as, “What are the functions of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats?” and “Do you take any supplements in your diet currently?”. My research for the survey came from assignments in a class I had taken my sophomore year in high school called “Sports Nutrition”, as I still had access to the documents in my Google Drive. I also utilized any other information I had picked up independently from my own interest in fitness and nutrition on Youtube or other articles I had seen across Google. I then emailed the survey out to an email list I compiled of all my fellow teammates and received results from 40% of the kids on the team; displaying their knowledge in nutrition and current nutrition habits. 

Getting total representation of my team would be challenging and time consuming, so I was satisfied with hearing from 40% of my team as a starting point to judge where everybody else might be. Almost all responses to questions judging nutrition knowledge of the 40% surveyed were correct, so I decided it was time to start to introduce Purium and their products to the team. At this time the team was holding captain’s practices to gear up and prepare for the season; so a product tasting event at one of these practices would work perfectly for introducing some of Purium’s products that my teammates might be interested in. In order to market for the event, I created flyers that I passed out to my teammates a few practices before the event detailing where the event would be, some products Purium offered, and what my fundraiser was all about. The process of creating these flyers was difficult for me, as I had no previous experience with digital design and my tools to create the flyers was limited to Google Documents as far as I knew. However, after I explained my difficulties to Mrs. Girasole, she directed me to other design websites such as Canva.com. Canva allows for much design freedom and could have benefited me greatly with my flyers, so that was one of many learning stretches I had during the internship. 

With the event now properly advertised for, I hosted the tasting event before one of the summer captains practices with the help of Mrs. Girasole in which we offered both a vanilla and chocolate flavor of a protein powder from Purium called “MVP Sport”. My teammates were also able to bring home samples of both flavors to their families at the end of the practice. The event went well, with several of my teammates saying they enjoyed the taste of the protein powder and how energized they felt during the training session. I have a package of the MVP Sport at home in the chocolate flavor, and I would like to go on record saying how good the taste of the shake is compared to other protein powders I have had in the past such as SixStar. Purium’s “Can’t Beet This” tastes excellent as well, an all natural pre-workout I also sampled that provided me with a good boost of energy without all the unhealthy ingredients. Through learning about Purium during my internship and sampling their products, I enjoy most that the products don’t lose all their taste while simultaneously providing you with all the nutrition you need. They also offer additional gut-health benefits, as well as not being polluted with all unnatural chemicals such as sucralose that have side effects on our health, unknown to most who consume them.

With Purium properly introduced to the members of the team and their families as well, it was time to provide an avenue for those who enjoyed Purium to purchase their products. To provide this opportunity, I wrote up an email to the parents of the team including the purchase link for the MVP Sport product that would in turn provide the 10% commission back to Mrs. Girasole. I received the parent email list from my coach, and my message to them entailed my motivation for the fundraiser and how it would contribute to the North Kingstown High School Boys Soccer Team. The fundraiser ended up making around $50 total from four purchases and one donation from a parent by the end of the season, all of which was given to the coach of the team to be used for future equipment purchases such as training gear or uniforms. I delivered the check to him at the team’s end of the season banquet along with a letter Mrs. Girasole wrote out detailing the fundraiser, to which he congratulated me on the successful campaign I ran throughout the season.  

I learned much throughout my internship with Mrs. Girasole, and could not be more pleased with the knowledge I gained and experiences I had during its completion. I learned not only marketing, entrepreneurial, and accounting skills, but also added business-related general social skills to my arsenal such as how to email an authority figure, business partner, and customers. I am extremely grateful I was able to complete my internship with Mrs. Girasole, as I learned a lot just due to her personal experiences and expertise, such as her relationship with Purium and the career of affiliate marketing that I didn’t even know was possible. Information such as that is priceless, giving me more ideas and opportunities to what I want to do with my life heading forward into university. My introduction to the field of marketing and its role in the business world could not have been any better, and I would like to thank Mrs. Girasole for my great experience along with all the help and knowledge she provided to me along the way while working with her.