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Rebel Billiards | Fresh Rebellion

Rebel Billiards

Private billiards room in North Kingstown presents a unique opportunity to enjoy a speak-easy style experience. Learn the game of 3 cushion / carom billiards on a rare table, with a local expert. BYOB, light refreshments provided. Two hours of hands on instruction and play are included, additional room rental time is available for a fee.

Inquire about dates and availability. $150 per session, up to 4 people. This once-private, members-only opportunity is being offered on a limited-time basis to area residents. Our local expert has spent years perfecting his “touch” on this table and at regional competitions. His joy of playing the game and admiration of those with whom he played is evident in the stories he shares and the great patience and care he gives to those he teaches. Together, we invite you to try something new!

Once a private gentleman’s billiards club, the Rebel Billiards Room has a speakeasy feel of days gone by. Stone walls and heavy wooden beams frame the room that holds a rare Belgian Verhoeven billiards table. Once owned by a champion 3 cushion billiards player nicknamed “Gentleman Dave” (because he was no gentleman, we hear), this table will delight your competitive senses, as you challenge yourself to play billiards in a way you never have before.

What to bring

We will have light refreshments and snacks for your enjoyment. Please bring your own alcoholic beverages, if desired. If you have a favorite pool cue (pool stick), bring it along. If not, we will provide you one. Please bring your photo ID, your smile, and your sense of adventure.

All guests must wear masks while indoors. We have hand sanitizer for your convenience, and take all state COVID guidelines very seriously.

Please inquire about dates and availability: TEXT ONLY 401-360-4976 (no calls)