Remember when you used to enjoy a beer without weed killer?

What is more refreshing than an iced, cold beer?  (Besides an organic Power Shake smoothie, that is…)  Turns out, there’s some not-so-fresh stuff in beer.

During the Super Bowl, we learned that beer contains corn syrup, an ingredient that most health-conscious shoppers have learned to avoid.  Now, we have a study showing many of the top beers contain trace amounts of the weed killer glyphosate. Awesome.  Is nothing sacred?!

It’s pretty rare to find an organic beer, so if you like beer, you have this toxin in your gut.  Scary, as we now know it is a cancer-causing toxin.  Fact is, 75% of the foods we eat contain glyphosate, as I have written about before. Each product contains what is considered a “safe amount” by the FDA.  However, as we consume non-organic beer after beer, weekend after weekend, year after year, it adds up and it takes its toll on our bodies over time.

We do not want to compromise our future health and vibrancy, so… what to do? Buy the organic beer. And the organic corn chips. And all organic food, to avoid consuming the glyphosate.

Lastly, reverse the damage done by our non-organic consumption habits of the past by taking the only Human Detox Project certified anti-dote to glyphosate, Purium’s BioMedic supplement, which not only clears the toxin out of our micro biome (gut) but it reverses the damaged done to our gut villi and lining.  It’s like a cleanse with restorative powers!


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Stay thirsty, my friends.  Just drink wisely/organic….and, cleanse with Biomedic!