Get ready, get set, explore!

Fresh Maps are part scavenger hunt, part geo-caching experience and part self-guided tour! Use your smartphone or tablet to purchase your game code, then download the MooveGo app and enter the game code, and you’re on your way to a fun day (or weekend) of finding places in Southern Rhode Island to go on the FreshMap*. You choose which direction to go in, which places on the map you want to visit first, and when you arrive at a colored map pin, a challenge question will pop up, inviting you to find the answer and learn more about that site. After you earn your points, stay and enjoy the location, making a whole fun adventure of your Fresh Maps experience!

Now available:  Southern Rhode Island Scavenger Hunt ($25.00 per device)
Purchase link: 

Game instructions will be available immediately after purchase – play the same day!

*Fresh, LLC is proud to announce a series of digital map games in development that will allow folks to download an app and a game code and have web 3.0 digital map experiences in and around Rhode Island, including scavenger hunt games that begin in Rhode Island and go … well, everywhere! It’s a big world out there and a small state over here, and we seek to encourage your exploration, learning, and fun! We are currently designing a new website to offer all the following games in 2023, so reach out!

  • Family Fitness Fun Map (Southern Rhode Island, upon request)
  • Wickford Village Black History Story Map (North Kingstown, RI, upon request)
  • Instagram-Worthy Scenic Spots (statewide, summer 2023)

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    Podcast: Introducing Fresh Maps!

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    Business Networking at North Koffee

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  • Fresh.Maps now on Instagram!

    Fresh.Maps now on Instagram!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 1, 2023    FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT   Michelle Girasole   michelle.girasole _ @ _ (401) 578-3498FRESH MAPS Announces Social Media Presence for New Game Release [Rhode Island]- Fresh Maps will present a new scavenger hunt game powered by the MooveGo app, featuring trivia questions, food stops, and tourist stops.…