EVENT Re-Fresh Night Hike: Sunday, January 6th


As 2019 begins, let’s simply take time to get outdoors, celebrate the beginning of winter and explore the concepts of darkness and light. 

😄 We will meet at the Canonicus Conference Center’s Tefft Chapel (directions below) as a gathering place to begin and end the evening. 

🥗Our potluck meal will start there, then we’ll take a 20-minute hike through the property, stopping at the Council Ring for a bonfire ceremony and discussion. The hike will be dark, so bring a flashlight!

🌗At this time of year, we experience the darkest days, and our guide, Kathy Black, will lead a conversation examining what we believe about darkness and light, their symbolic meanings, and how these beliefs impact our daily lives.  

🌲 At this beautiful, rustic, retreat center, we’ll experience nature in ways we often miss while spending much of the wintertime indoors. 

🔥 We will burn the traditional Yule Log as a symbol of the returning of the sun, and experience first-hand the gifts and messages of Fire and Light while celebrating our time together.

💚This event is the first in a series of day and night hikes with the Fresh Rebellion!  We recognize that better health means better food, better movement and better community – food, folks and fun! 

We hope you’ll join us for our series kickoff!!

LINK: Google Map Address to get to Canonicus 

Once onsite, follow these directions to Tefft Chapel:  From Route 2, turn left onto Exeter Road at the light and travel about 1/2 mile to #52 Exeter Road. There is a break in the stone wall between #52 and #54, turn right at the break and the Chapel will be on your right about 50 yards onto the property.  Parking is across from the Chapel or below.  Contact Kathy (401-286-5259) or Michelle if you need assistance.