A garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy.Luis Barragan (Mexican Architect)

Living in the tiny state of Rhode Island, I have this flawed space/time continuum belief that everything is a ten minute drive from my house. Except when it isn’t.

Yesterday I planned one of my favorite business meetings: a walking-the-dogs session with a colleague. The pups could run and we could talk through some ideas and share wisdom while exercising for an hour or two. Multi-tasking at its best!

It was cold with a light frost, and I needed to grab a coffee, with plenty of time… or so I thought. With my cafe au lait and Scooter G in tow, I plugged the meeting place into my GPS with 12 minutes to get there via the backroads… and was told it was 18 minutes away from the coffee shop!  Oops.

I realized I was going to be late, and thought about “putting the pedal to the metal” as my mother used to say. I blame her for my two speeding tickets and 2 warnings in the past 2 years.  Just as I was arguing with myself about how late I was going to allow myself to be,  I passed this scene – a giant, backlit maple tree with a stunning backdrop of turf farms with steam rising from the morning dew.  It literally stopped me in my tracks.  I had to capture it, even if it made me 2 more minutes late.

I stopped for the picture, drinking in the sunlight with my latte, taking in the frost on the fresh cut grass, and the steam coming off the field, making a misty sun haze.  Gorgeous.  How often do we speed past stunning views, mind elsewhere?  This serene scene spoke to me, and I was grateful to breathe it in, even just for a few seconds. And, to snot grab my camera, would have been selfish.  I am happy to share a even a quick moment of serenity, mystery and joy.

That set the pace for what turned into a terrific morning.  Thanks, Charlie, Woody and Scooter, for a great walk that started a few minutes behind schedule!  We stopped several times to take in the beauty of the nature around us.  And, planned business ventures, and future collaboration.  As we do.  Let’s do it again soon…

As Woody and Scooter G ran ahead, popping in and out of the woods off the bike path, Charlie and I decided to make this a weekly endeavor.  Rain or shine, those dogs gotta run (much to the dismay of the bicyclists!)  We walked about 45 minutes in and back, but you could make it longer or shorter.  We met at the Kingston Station, with a lot of free parking spots.  Tune into our Facebook group for details on the next “Serenity Train Trek”!

Won’t you join us?