Wickford’s Black History Photo Journey

We are proud to announce a new Story Map experience in the village of Wickford, North Kingstown. It was a collaboration with the non-profit advocacy group, Towards An Anti-Racist North Kingstown (T.A.N.K.), and historian Tim Cranston. Tim is the author of many local history books, including: “We Were Here, Too: Selected Stories of Black History in North Kingstown“, available online and at local retailers.

Step 1: To enjoy the walking/driving tour experience, download the free “MooveGo” app on your iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

Step 2: On the start window, the MooveGo app asks you for a QR code. Enter this to access the game directions and begin:

The tour begins when enter the code. Then, walk or drive to each pinned location.  When you are within 25-30 feet of the pin, a challenge question will pop up – trivia and photo puzzles make learning fun! There are 8 locations in the village and an additional location within a 5 minute drive from the village. You’ll have several days to complete the challenges, and the whole game can be completed in an hour or so.

This is an opportunity for collective recognition of the lives of enslaved people and their decendents in our village. We hope that this interactive tour brings their memory to life through the questions and answers presented,” according to Fresh Maps founder, Michelle Girasole.

This tour was created for local non-profit group, Towards An Anti-Racist North Kingstown (TANK), an organization made up of local Rhode Island students, teachers, parents, and allies dedicated to enacting antiracist policies in North Kingstown.

About T.A.N.K.
T.A.N.K.’s mission is to move North Kingstown forward as a community that acknowledges its history, celebrates its potential, and fosters a climate honoring and encouraging diversity, equity and the unique character of all its residents through anti-racist policy reform, education and advocacy.

Please contact Michelle at 401-578-3498 with any questions about the game. Enjoy!