That Cool Refreshing… Beet Juice?!? Buying Organic Juice Powders vs Powdered Sugary Drinks

Ah, cool refreshing lemonade!  When I was a kid, I drank lemonade or iced tea – All. Summer. Long.   It wasn’t that nutritious, but it was thirst quenching and sweet, best served over ice cubes, to be crunched once the last drop of liquid was gone.  The taste never got old.  But I did!  Somewhere around age 40, I realized I could not consume that much sugar.  Then I found out and could not un-learn that sugar fuels cancer cells.  Man, my sweet tooth would never be the same.

So, what to drink now?  I tried juicing.  ONCE.  I borrowed a friend’s juicer to see how I liked it.  Turns out, I did not.  The time, the mess, the cleanup, all that pulpy waste was not for me.  I knew store-bought juices had a lot of added sugar as well.   I like smoothies, but the chunkiness was not a similar refreshing, hydrating beverage.  Water gets boring, even with the citrus or berries, or mint.  And, a girl can only drink so much coffee, right?

Then I found Purium.  All organic, low sugar, low calorie, HIGHLY nutritious — and powdered, just like my Countrytime Lemonade!  I love the convenience of grabbing a pitcher or shaker cup and mixing with water and ice, on the go.  And, did I mention the sugar to nutrient comparison is off-the-charts? Check it out:

Click to view Purium Organic Juice Comparison chart

My go-to Purium juices are: Power Shake, Apothecherry, Can’t BEET this!, Cocohydrate, and Aloe Digest.

If you want to add more fruits and veggies to your family’s diet, without adding hours of chopping, cooking, or juicing, give the Purium line a try.  Email me at Michelle@FreshlocalRI.com for some suggestions, or click around at iShopPurium.com and use my code: “freshlocal” to get $50 off your first order and 25% off future orders.

Summer is coming!  Quench that thirst!