We Share Hope – “Mission Impastable”

Team Fresh Rebellion takes the Mission Impastable Challenge!

We Share Hope is an organization with the mission to “provide food and other necessities for those who need it most in the community.” They are a budget-friendly marketplace located in Rumford, RI that provides goods for underprivileged communities. They have so many different products, and it’s not only food they sell but also feminine products and products for babies, like formula, that would normally be expensive at a regular grocery store.

On July 30th, 2021, Michelle Girasole, founder of Fresh Rebellion, and her team attended We Share Hope’s “Mission Impastable” event where we scooped 1,000 lbs of elbow macaroni that was delivered to local food banks. We Share Hope made a contest out of it so teams had incentive and wanted to win. The team donated $1,000 to the organization.

We Share Hope Supplies Friendgiving Dinner ingredients to Community Dinner

   In November, Michelle Girasole organized a Friendsgiving dinner at the Kingston Congregational Church on November 20th. Chef and volunteers joined efforts to create a gourmet menu for guests to enjoy! The event was in honor of embracing the holiday season and giving back to community members, including many International students at URI, many of whom had never had Thanksgiving dinner before. The menu included an apple and butternut squash soup, roasted turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, turnip and carrot mash, green beans, stuffing, and a crispy golden baked potato. For dessert, apple pie and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream were served. The food was donated from We Share Hope.

It’s rewarding to work with an organization to have them help you when you need it. We Share Hope fulfilled their mission statement and gave back to the community by donating much of the amazing food that was cooked for the Friendsgiving event. The turnout was incredible! Nearly 120 people came to the event and loved the food! It was amazing to see how many people benefited from the event and looked happy coming together. It was amazing to see their mission in full swing and their hard work pay off. 

Many thanks to all the volunteers and organizations who contributed to both events!