What’s a Fresh Rebel, anyway?

Fresh Rebellion.  What’s that all about? How did we become “Fresh Rebels”?  It happened slowly, over time.

We used to eat food unconsciously, until we started noticing all those peanut allergies.  We asked questions.  LOTS of questions and learned a TON about food:

  • where it comes from (beyond the grocery store)
  • how to cook fresh, local foods (including ugly ones)
  • the benefits of trying different foods (and how our bodies felt as a result).

We used to try food trends (butter/not butter, eat eggs/ eat fewer eggs, South Beach diet, chicken and apple cleanses, we experimented a lot.  We watched documentaries and attended seminars.  We read articles and spoke to experts.

After all this exploration,  we wanted to share our secrets and wage a war against the crap food that makes us sick. In the end, we surmised that we just LOVED food. All varieties, but especially the kinds that truly nourished us without punishment. We celebrate food here (and beverages, too!), and the companies that make us feel GREAT!

And, we fight the battles of the Million Mom Movement to help others eat cleaner and greener!  Do you want to join the Food Rebellion?

Here are a few signs that you’re a Fresh Rebel: