Wickford Eats… (drinks) COFFEE

It gets us going in the morning. It gives us a boost of energy mid-day. 
We like it hot or cold. Black, or fancy. There are a million ways to enjoy a cup of coffee, and in this issue, Wickford residents share four local favorites.

FRESHNESS = Updike’s Newtowne

Beth Cotter writes, “I’m no connoisseur, but from the moment I inhaled the freshness being roasted at Updike’s Newtowne I knew I’d become a coffee snob. The roasts are as much distinct as they are unique. My favorite roast changes as often as the beans; from Electric Lady Land to Guatemala dark roast to African Elephants, but if you are going to get a cup to go, the UN house blend can’t be beat. I love when I have fresh beans in my car, I revel in the aroma all day long!!”

FULL SERVICE = Wickford on the Water

If you want to sip and savor your coffee over a full breakfast, Wickford on the Water has an array of omelets, pancakes and other breakfast items.  (The author’s favorite is the Hash Bowl with eggs, spinach and house-made hash.) Enjoy the view and relax with table service as the caffeine kicks in.  Speaking of a kick, with a full liquor license, you can enjoy a little something extra in your coffee, an Irish coffee, perhaps, or a cold brew iced coffee cocktail. 

FUEL = Shayna’s

“Now that my regular office is closed due to the pandemic, Shayna’s is KEY to my productivity,” shared Deirdre Morrison. “My entire career I have  been fueled by full service cafes (at work)… but, now the closest I can get is Shaynas. The honey cinnamon latte is a dream come true! I either advance order & pick up, or I take a walk downtown and sit outside for a little fresh air. Either way, it is DELICIOUS! Thank you Shayna’s for putting a smile on my face, a spring in my step & keeping me caffeinated during this pandemic!” 

Recently, editor Tanja Carroll met me at Jitters.  I pre-ordered a coffee and bagel online for pickup and she ordered at the takeout window and met me at the outdoor picnic tables in the back.  With their purple table umbrellas and cheery string lights, it is a cozy spot to have those coffee shop meetings that make magazines happen, while safely social distancing.

Share a picture of your favorite local coffee on social media, and tag #WickfordEats during the month of January, to win a free cup of coffee, compliments of the FreshRebellion.

Michelle Girasole is an NK resident, a mother of two teens and founder/blogger at www.FreshRebellion.com.