Wickford Eats: Take out edition

Michelle Girasole was asked to write the food column for her local magazine, The Wickford Way. In this issue, she covers the take-out scene that became necessity during the pandemic restaurant shutdown. Find out her neighbor’s favorite spots and how she and Rich celebrated their 2020 anniversary!

Wickford Eats: October issue “Roll With It, Baby”

Since the first restaurant was invented, there has never been a time that you couldn’t enjoy a meal in a local establishment.  Until COVID-19, that is.  When our favorite eating places were forced to close for business last March, our only option was to enjoy takeout.  And enjoy takeout we did!  

In our house at first, dining at home was an adventure with extra time to try recipes and make big meals.  But the restricted shopping and all the dishwashing wore thin, and I started to crave my old favorite dishes that were hard to recreate – eggplant Parmesan from Tate’s Italian Kitchen, a cheesesteak sandwich from Tilly’s.  My husband and I recreated an anniversary tradition in April – instead of our annual dinner date in Newport, we ordered online from Brick Alley Pub, and ate in our car overlooking the Bay.  With a few masked concessions, we made the most of it!

Dining out has always been a great way to get a change of scenery and a break in routine.   I asked a few friends around town what places helped them get through the shutdown this spring and summer. Here’s what they said:

Mary McKay:

“Our favorite go to is Micky’s Pizza and Tate’s – we love Karen and Jack and their food and pizza is always fresh.”

Julie Beebe:

“The rolls (calzones) & garlic knots from Micky’s are a family fave.  Also we grab Chinese food from O Sushi.  We had thought it was only sushi until recently! Try the chicken lo mein, classic pork fried rice and crab rangoon for an appetizer.”

Lena Lewis:

“Our favorite is Filippou’s Pizza, and my 8 year old will argue with anyone who will say the opposite. We’ve also tried The Place in Wickford numerous times. Their wings (any flavor) are great and they have juicy burgers too! Of course, Tavern by the Sea has the best Fried Calamari with pepperoncini peppers and lobster ravioli we’ve ever tried.  Also, we like “O’Sushi” on Post Road – their rolls and soups are super good. We love the spicy ones.”

Lori Lyons:

“The chicken tortilla soup (Sopa de Tortilla) from El Tapatio was fantastic.  Julie Beebe turned me on to it after working late one night shipping out orders from her ‘’Local Love’’ campaign to raise money for the NK Food Pantry. It’s quite a deal for the amount you get – $7.50 for a huge container which comes with their house made warm tortilla chips  and fresh salsa. A no brainer take-out item that you can reheat and get multiple meals out of!”

A global pandemic can’t stop us – from calzone rolls to sushi rolls, Wickford residents just roll with takeout, baby. Food trucks like HG80, Supa Dupa and The Village Greek rolled into the town beach and other roadside spots.  And food delivery services like Door Dash and Uber Eats can bring your favorite food to you if you can’t get out to them – Gregg’s, Carriage Inn and The Provisioner loaded many a meal into dashing brown paper bags this year. Of course, as the year went on, most businesses were able to reopen their in-store dining and many created al fresco spaces to eat outdoors.   We have so many great options for dining out around town.  So put your mask on, grab a menu and a plastic fork and enjoy a to-go feast!

Michelle Girasole is an NK resident, a mother of two teens and a marketing foodie.  Her website is www.FreshRebellion.com.