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August 2018

  • Interview: Bourbon Badass Linda Ruffenach, Whisky Chicks founder, in Louisville, KY

    Are you a bourbon bad ass? I am learning from the master in Louisville, Linda Ruffenach… founder of the #whiskychicks #alwaysbourbon #bourbonbadass #freshrebellion #roadtrip Linda Ruffenach Whisky Chicks Bourbon Badass

    Posted by Michelle Cournoyer Girasole on Friday, August 3, 2018

    Did you ever have one of those nights when a dinner invite turned into a blossoming business opportunity?

    This east coast whiskey lover was traveling through the heart of bourbon country on a road trip. I knew I’d be near Louisville on my way to Nashville, and reached out to the founder of the Whisky Chicks, […]